Who we are?

Kenana Automation a leading supplier of measurement and control technology, was founded in 2016 a simple recommendation company.

Instrumentation Delivery

Kenana Automation focuses on process instrumentation delivery for all major areas of measurement and control. we supply sensors and devices for measuring and controlling temperature, pressure, flow, heat and level, we supply transmitters, power supplies, actuators, control, solenoid valves and devices for operational analysis.
Kenana Automation offers only high-quality products, which can withstand harsh environments of water, waste water and industrial waste water plant.

Complete System Delivery

We delivering a complete process instrumentation system for measurement and control. Example Complete system which we quoted:

Company Site

The company is located in Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Optimizing the Customer's Solution

We always strive to offer our customers the best solution which meets all their technical and financial requirements.
We are covering the water and waste water sector, and we have good experience in this sector.

Flexibility, Speed, Conditions

Our technicians and supplies respond to your requirements in the field of measurement and control flexibly and quickly at reasonable prices. we offer attractive discounts for customers.