Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Flowmeters and fluids measurement systems

Water, steam, air, natural gas, petroleum components and chemicals are some of the fluids that must be measured daily, regardless of the type of industry. Flow measurement allows you to control your process but it is also increasingly involved in all projects and actions of energy saving or raw materials saving.

Fuji Electric engineers have developed a wide range of flowmeters whatever the fluid to be measured and according to the following measuring principles:

  • Ultrasonic measurement for air
  • Vortex effect measurement
  • Electromagnetic field measurement
  • Ultrasonic measurement for liquids
  • Differential pressure measurement (primary elements)

Fuji Electric France is at your service to study and offer you a complete solution for flow measurement and acquisition compliance with the main standards and energy standards of the market.


Ultrasonic measurement for liquids

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Vortex effect measurement

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Ultrasonic measurement for air

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Differential pressure measurement